Q.When do you plan to have another litter of Golden Retriever puppies?

We like to think of our puppy program as equal to that of a small-batch distillery. We produce quality pups in small batches once or twice a year. Our pups are raised in our home and the parents are on-premises. We breed when the time is right for our dogs and us. If you are interested in a Moose Golden Retriever, please check our puppies page to see if we’re currently expecting a litter, or sign up for email notifications on the bottom of this page to hear about future litter announcements.

Q.Is a Golden Retriever right for me?

Golden Retrievers are fantastic dogs and they’re a great addition to most families, but goldens do have some important requirements. First, goldens, especially young dogs, love to run and play. In fact, they require this time to keep their mind and body healthy. It’s very important to understand this. If you have a busy lifestyle, always on the run, and must leave your dog at home for long periods of time, then a golden retriever puppy is probably not the best dog for you. When a golden is not given ample exercise and left unattended there is the possibility they can form destructive behaviors such as chewing furniture, carpets, and more, plus training becomes much more difficult. This could all result in an unfavorable relationship between you and your dog.

Q.Does the name Moose Goldens mean your dogs are large?

No. The name Moose just stuck, being folks who enjoy being outdoors and Moose sighting in Maine, the name just felt right. Our dogs have a field pedigree. Field dogs are often slim, muscular, and athletic. Our males run on average 65lbs to 75lbs and females average 50lbs to 70lbs.

Q.Are your dogs registered AKC?

Yes. All our dogs are registered with American Kennel Club. Plus, we will register each litter with the AKC.

Our golden retriever puppies will come with limited AKC registration, this means we don’t allow breeding of our dogs, the limited registration prevents any offspring from being registered with AKC.

If you wish to purchase a puppy for future breeding please please contact us.

Q.Are your dogs OFA tested?

Our goal is to produce healthy golden puppies, as part of this, we feel it’s important to test our breeding dogs’ hips, eyes, heart, and elbows per the GRCA breeder bylaws. Our dogs will have these tests done once they’re fully matured, typically after the age of two. As we test our dogs and they become certified from OFA we’ll make this information public on our dog’s page.

Q.Do you do genetic testing on your dogs?

Yes, we use Embark for breeders testing service. As we test our dogs we’ll make their test results public on our dog’s page.

Q.How much do your puppies cost?

We anticipate our next litter pricing to be in the $3,000 – $3,500 range with limited AKC registration. A non-refundable $500 deposit is required after an application is approved. If you are interested in discussing purchasing a puppy with breeding rights, please contact us.

Q.Do you ship puppies?

No. Our puppy program is extremely personal, approved puppy owners and homes are not chosen on a first-come-first-serve basis, we place our puppies where we think they will be most successful. This does not mean we do not sell puppies out of our immediate area, if you’re from away and your application is approved expect to travel for a visit–at least on the go-home day. We do give preference to people in NY and New England, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire as we like to keep in touch and have meet-ups.

Q.Do you take deposits for a future litter?

Deposits are only accepted to those applicants who’ve completed our Golden Retriever Puppy Application and have been selected as a match for our puppy program. Applicants are not selected until a healthy litter is produced.

Q.At what age do your puppies go to their forever homes?

We shoot for pups to go home anywhere between 7 to 9 weeks, 8 weeks being the most common.

Q.Where are you located?

Currently, we reside in upstate NY, just a few miles outside of Saratoga Springs NY in a small town named Greenfield Center. A visit with us or our dogs is by appointment only at our local dog park, we do not allow walk-ins or leisure visits at any time. If you are accepted to purchase a puppy we’ll invite you to our home to visit the pups soon after they are born, and again as they grow.

Q.Do you offer Golden Retriever puppy training services?

No, not at this time. This may change in the future, however.

Q.Do you offer dog boarding or doggy daycare?

We’ve been known to have some visitors, day visitors, and some overnight. At this time we’re not set up with a facility to do this on a large scale, but we’re happy to entertain one or two dogs for our puppy owners only when there is a need. Contact us to inquire.

Q.Do you keep in touch with puppy owners?

Yes! We love our Moose family and want to stay in touch as much as possible. We do this via social media, on Instagram, and our private Facebook group as well as occasional meet-ups. We also host a reunion once a year for those who can join. For information about reunion dates etc. sign up for email updates at the bottom of this page.

Q.Do you compete with your dogs?

Not at this time. Our dogs are family members and outdoor adventurers. They’re fantastic with kids, travel partners, and all-around best friends. This does not mean the puppies we produce cannot compete, work, hunt, become therapy dogs, and more, in fact, Marty Moose comes from a long line of esteemed professionals such as master hunters and his father was an NYS certified search and rescue dog.

Q.What is

We’re passionate about dogs, is our small shop where we design and sell fun dog-themed t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, bandanas, stickers, and more. also features a section of Moose Golden Retrievers gear, from new puppy blankets to towels, there is some fun merch you can purchase to share pride in your pup to the world.

Q.I love your dog photos, can you photograph my dog?

Yes, dog photography is a passion and I’d love to capture your pup in the perfect element for you to cherish forever. Get in touch to discuss.

Q.Who designed your website?

We did! Web design and graphic design is what we do professionally besides our dog breeding program. We love working with other breeders and dog people in general, to learn more about our design services please visit the design studio website,

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