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Moose Golden Retrievers

Hi there, we’re happy you decided to stop by. If you’re reading this you’re probably somewhat interested in Golden Retrievers and their adorable little golden puppies. Moose Golden Retrievers is a small dog breeding program in Greenfield Center, NY just outside of Saratoga Springs. Producing happy, healthy golden retriever puppies has been a life-long dream of ours and this website is one piece of the puzzle to help us get the word out.

Fun Fact – Did you know, the photo above of our Maggie Moose in a bomber hat won an award and was used by L.L. Bean at their flagship store in Freeport Maine, and on thousands of holiday season L.L. Bean Gift Cards.

Why we’re different

We’re a family first, our dogs are all family, they go to work, live with us in our home and often go where we go. We don’t breed our females then pass them along, we make a commitment to the very end to love and cherish every dog and give them their best life. While some breeders focus on breeding and producing champions, and some breeders focus on dogs for therapy, and some for pets, our focus is on the the dogs themselves. Our goal is to produce traditional Golden Retriever puppies, Goldens that boast the physical characteristics, drive and traits true to do what Goldens were originally bred to do, to thrive, and to please their owners through work and play. Our puppies are smart, athletic and agile and with the right training will gladly accompany their owners retrieving waterfowl, upland hunting, in competition, or performing jobs like therapy or search and rescue. For those who desires life in outdoors camping, hiking, etc. our dogs would make the perfect adventure companion. For those who want a modern family dog who’s a bundle of energy to spoil and who will always be the life of the party, our dogs can easily do that too. Those who own a Moose Golden Retriever purchase with the confidence their dog can grow and learn to do whatever they desire, and that with time, love, and patience pretty much anything is obtainable.

Why we breed

There is nothing like a Golden Retriever. The life-long companionship of a Golden Retriever has more benefits than can be listed here, they bring families together, they inspire adventure, they’re eager to please, they’re hard workers in the field, therapy & rescue, they have an unmatched disposition, and they offer genuine compassion accompanied by unconditional love. Their smooth, feathery coats and infectious smiles spread joy to all who encounter them. Our family has been fortunate enough to experience the benefits of living with Golden Retrievers for over 25 years, we’ve also learned that as rewarding as it is to share your home with a Golden Retriever, introducing new people to the breed, sharing our knowledge, and expanding our family of dogs & puppies with others give us an entirely new level of appreciation and gratitude. Sharing the charisma of a Golden Retriever and the happiness they bring to all is why we breed.

Our History

“Years of anticipation, heartbreak, and desire led up to that moment, the moment the very first Moose Golden Retriever puppy was born.”

My [Mike Hosier] first experience with a Golden Retriever was when I was a child roughly 8 to 10 years old, a relative adopted a female dog named Wizard after her house was broken into. Wizard was a Golden Retriever, not exactly a guard dog :-). My family had several dogs at that time, big dogs and little dogs, I enjoyed them all, but I have the fondest memories of Wizard and how she erupted in happiness whenever I saw her–the whole back-end wag (not just the tail) kinda happy if ya know what I mean. Wizard passed when I was a teenager.

Fast forward to my early 20’s when a roommate and I acquired a Golden, Candy, she was my first experience raising a golden puppy. Unfortunately, her life was cut way too short due to a house fire. RIP Candy.

A few years later I decided I was ready to care for another dog, the family member who had Wizard introduced me to the owners of an apple orchard who were expecting a litter of Golden Retriever pups. It was my 23rd birthday when I picked him up, I named him Grizwald or Griz for short. Griz and I were best friends, we did everything together. He was there when I got married and he was there when my kids were born. Even then I was interested in breeding my dogs. When Griz was nine I met a local woman who also wanted to breed her female, we gave it a try but we were both too green and we never produced a litter. In hindsight I’m glad we didn’t, I was not educated on how to breed healthy pups at that time. Griz passed away just shy of his 16th birthday, saying goodbye to him was one of the most difficult things I had ever dealt with, I will be forever grateful for his companionship.

Now being a family of 4, for a moment I thought I would not get another dog, but our house felt empty and my life was missing something, a Moose. When I met Marty Moose he chose our family, I was conducting business with the breeder in regard to some graphic design work–she had something like 12 puppies running around–and one little boy wouldn’t let us leave without him. We named him Marty Moose, a homage to Grizwald (if ya know ya know). Marty added a fresh new perspective to our lives, Griz had fallen ill in his later years and was limited on his activities, but Marty was the polar opposite, he needed to run and play to stay out of trouble. Marty also spurred a new interest in the possibility of breeding.

A year after Marty came home I got a surprise call from the owners of the apple orchard Griz came from, they were planning to retire from breeding golden retrievers so they could travel, but they had one last litter of puppies first and called to ask if I had any interest acquiring one. We told them we’d come and look…we named her Mountain Magnolia Moose, Maggie. 

Maggie and Marty were meant to be together, they hit it off immediately, we couldn’t imagine life without them. Now with two dogs, a male, and a female, both Moose, we knew what we were supposed to do, it was our calling, we knew what had to come next, it was time for Moose Goldens to become a reality.

Our first litter was ten puppies, I’ll never forget the first puppy born, a dream come true, years of anticipation, heartbreak and desire led up to that moment, the moment Wild Miles Moose was born, the very first Moose Golden Retriever puppy.

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