Puppy Application

Approved for Summer Puppies!

The sun is shining bright on us! Yesterday Maggie went to our Veterinarian for a pre-breeding check-up, doc said she’s healthy and ready for another litter, plus she’s started showing signs of heat this week. This means if all goes well we may breed Maggie in the next week or so which would give us puppies near the end of July 2022, with go-home dates sometime in early September 2022. We won’t start opening applications just yet, but we will post updates here and on our social media pages as things progress.

Pupdate: 5/23/22

Maggie and Marty had their first successful tie of this heat cycle, we aim for three ties during a cycle, but it only takes one for a pregnancy, so things are looking good for “Adirondack Tails” our summer 2022 litter

Pupdate: 5/30/22

Our puppy applications will open Wed. June 1st, 2022, they will remain open until July 31st, 2022. We may reach out to applicants if we have questions, but we will not be selecting owners until August, after the puppies are born. Predicted pricing will be available on the application.

Once the puppies are born and healthy, selected applicants will have at least one chance to come and meet the puppies and our other dogs, including the parents, Marty and Maggie.

We will not be doing any puppy assignments or selections until the puppies are 7 weeks of age. If selected applicants had a gender preference we will do our best to accommodate.

A few things to take note when completing an application. If we’ve met, even in passing, please let us know on your application, we meet a lot people so it’s helpful to have some frame of reference. Our dogs needs homes where they will get a lot of stimulation, feel free to share with us how you plan to keep active with your dog. We love when people are enthusiastic about the Moose Golden Retrievers culture, if you’d like to be a part of our family of dogs, events and more please share that with us on your application. Lastly, the more information you can supply us with on your application the better it will be for us to make decisions.

Pupdate: 6/01/22

Adirondack Tails puppy applications are open