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Updated – Book Project on Kickstarter

Update 3/29/23

Hello, I wanted to post an update on my book project, the news isn’t necessarily good-news, but it’s not bad-news either. With a few days left to fundraise via Kickstarter with more than 50% of the total left, I’m prepared for this project to NOT reach the goal of $18k.

What does this mean for you and our contributors? It means you will no one be charged anything at all when the Kickstarter project ends, and it means I will not be moving forward according to the Kickstarter campaign as is. However, it does not mean I’m not moving forward with the book project or a different version of the Kickstarter. I’m dedicated to this project, and to those who have had my back and are excited to receive the book.

Since this campaign started a few things have happened, I’ve learned a lot about fundraising and the time it takes, I’ve learned that not everything will always work out no matter how much you’ve planned, and last but not least, we’re preparing for puppies, her puppies are going to require a lot of time that I had planned for the project.

So unless a miracle happens and I’m funded in the next few days, my plan will be changing to doing as much photography and graphic design for the book here and there when I can before I restart any fundraising. Doing it this way will enable me take my time, to work more on getting the word out, give me a change to make more content to share without giving away too much, and cut down the fundraising goal by a lot.

I know for some this news may not be what you wanted to hear, but it’s all good, we’ve got this! One way or another this book will be made and I hope you’ll stick with me and consider pledging again when the time comes. For now, I wanted to thank you for believing in me and this project once again and to stay in the loop as things progress please follow on Instagram or Facebook.

Mike Hosier

Original Post 2/03/23

We’re very excited to announce our new book project launch on Kickstarter. Our new book titled, One Family of Dogs, will be a hardcover photo book featuring over 40 dogs in 200 full color pages. Our very own Mike Hosier plans to travel to each Moose Golden and photograph the dogs for the book. While we got the photography and design end down, we could use your support tome sure this book project becomes a reality. If you’re a fan of books, fun projects, photography, dogs (especially Golden Retrievers), or if you’d just like to help support us see this project come to life, please visit our Kickstarter page. Another excellent way to help would be to share a link to the project, sharing our project on your social media would be a tremendous boost which we’d greatly appreciate!

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