Puppy Application

Transitioning into Autumn (Reds)

Summer is over and Adirondack Tails are all going to their new homes, congratulations and best of luck to all our new puppy owners, you all have got some very special dogs and we can’t wait to see them grow. Now as we transition into a new season we’ll break for just a short period of time before our next litter arrives, Autumn Reds. For those who’ve inquired about Autumn Reds, here are some upcoming dates.

  1. September 29, 2022 – Mocha will have her X-rays in hopes to get a glimpse at the growing pups and get a hopeful count
  2. By early October we hope to have a new Video on YouTube with our X-ray review
  3. After Mocha’s X-rays we will be deep diving into your applications, expect to hear from us in October with questions or comments, thank you for your patience
  4. October 10, 2022 – This is our predicted day 63 which is typically the whelping date

Also, as things progress with Mocha’s pregnancy we hope to share some fun fall photos of her, and the sire Bruce. If you’re not already, please follow our Instagram or Facebook to see those postings. That’s all for now.

Update 10/25/22 – Autumn Reds arrived with 6 males and one female, the puppies and Mocha are doing fantastic. Applications are closed and all pups have been assigned owners.