Puppy Application

Jen & Jim M.

Dogs Name: Sansa Litter: Adventure Awaits
"We love being a part of the Moose Goldens family!"

Sansa “Queen of the North” Moose, came into our lives when we needed her the most. She helped us and our other golden heal from the loss of our loyal companion. She is the perfect mix of playful, smart and loving. Right when we talked to Mike and Tracy you can see how much they love their dogs. We cannot thank them enough for the opportunity to call her ours. We love being a part of the Moose Goldens family!

John and Colleen H.

Dogs Name: Stewart Litter: Adventure Awaits
"Stewart is one of the smartest dogs I've ever owned..."

Stewart is our third golden, and has been the easiest dog to work with, as well as Moose Goldens being the easiest breeder to work with. This is a family operation, and you’re treated like a member when you join the Moose family. Your puppies parents and siblings are all around, and it’s not hard to find and talk with other owners and see how their Moose puppies have developed. Mike and Tracy are very generous with prospective owners to let them see and interact with the pups, and do a great job interviewing and matching the right pup to the right owner. They’re always there to honestly answer questions before and after the pickup.

Stewart has been a great addition to our family, he is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever owned, has had zero health issues so far, and just loves to hike and explore. He could easily be trained in Search and Rescue, Therapy, or Agility, but for now he’s just a great companion family member.