Puppy Application

Gina & Vic D.

Dogs Name: Dino Litter: Autumn Reds
"We chose a breeder that cares as much as we do."

We’ve been dreaming of getting a golden as long as we can remember. So when we were finally in a position to do so, our biggest concern was making sure we chose a breeder that cares as much as we do. Save yourself the endless research (that we did) and rest assured that you’ve finally found the perfect breeder to get your golden from. Mike and his family are dedicated to breeding responsibly, providing transparency, and welcoming you into their Moose community. They ensure every single step of getting you your perfect pup is seamless and thoughtful. Mike puts so much energy and time into getting to know you and your needs. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have our Dino as part of our family and the Moose Goldens family. Knowing you want a golden is one thing (easy, they’re the best!), but knowing where to go for your pup is a whole other ball game. Huge thank you to Mike and Moose Goldens for being the best around! Dino is our heart and soul and we couldn’t imagine our life without him!

Stephen & Megan T.

Dogs Name: Penny Litter: Autumn Reds
"Week 1 in the books...I’ve been quite impressed"

Week 1 in the books! She has been wonderful! We’ve been able to socialize her with little kids (1.5, 2.5, 3.5 & 5.5) year olds as well as a senior adult. She’s been wonderful around all.

She is fully “poop” trained and truly only had 2 accidents inside. We are working on potty training and that’s coming along nicely. She understands outside is the spot, it’s really on us when she doesn’t make it there. She’s been eating her food as well with no issues.

She also has the itch for fetch! We’ve been practicing her retrieval and I’ve been quite impressed. She has “sit” down pat and has stayed away from chewing items besides her toys! Thank you again for the opportunity to have this little one. She’s wonderful!