Puppy Application

Gold Fever – Planned Litter Update

Our pregnancy test today was negative and once again we’re broken-hearted, and saddened to have to share this news, we wanted this so badly. Yes the tests are only 96% accurate and timing could affect the result, but the safe-bet is to not plan for puppies this winter.

Will we try again this May with Maggie? Perhaps we will, but a lot can change from now until then so we’re not calling that a plan as of yet.

Do we have other dogs for breeding? Our Moxie was to be next in line, unfortunately her eblow x-rays showed mild DJD so we’ve opted not to breed her. This leaves Minnow as our next potential mom, however pre-breeding tests can’t begin until February 2025.

Doing business with nature is a gamble, a gamble that has proven very difficult in 2023 for us, we try our best to stack things in our favor but in the end it’s not our call.

We apologize once again to everyone on our wait-list, we wish we had better news for you and for us.

Mike & Tracy Hosier