Puppy Application

Web Experience Updates

We love building online experiences as much as we love our dogs. If you’ve been here before you may notice some differences today, some new content and just some overall updates. Here are a list of some new a notable aspects of our website…

New merch! We’ve been working hard at developing new merch and creating an updated shop. DogCrazy.co has now become exclusive too Moose Golden Retrievers. The updated shop showcases exclusive retriever gear you can’t get anywhere else. We’ve added hats, tees, dog towels, hoodies, and will have more to come.

Updated logo! People love our logo, and so do we so we. We did not completely change it, we just re-imagined it to match our future vision. First we dropped the oval mark, then we updated the type and positioning of our puppy mark. Our logo represents who we are, one-of-a-kind and custom-made (not cookie-cutter) with attention to the smallest detail. This is how we approach our breeding program, puppies produced in limited-quantities, with the highest-qualities, and admired by all.

Always open! We’ve made the decision to change our application process, we’ve decided to always offer our puppy application instead of only when we have a litter. We made this change because some people reach out to us who want to get on a list for the future rather than a current litter or anticipated litter. Having applications always open will help people inquire with us now instead of waiting and potentially missing an announcement.

This list does not cover everything we’ve been working on, plus our website will continue to evolve and improve over time. As always, thank you for your interest in Moose Golden Retrievers.