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Moose Golden Retrievers

We’re a breeder of Golden Retriever puppies in upstate NY. Our approach to producing puppies is, limited-quantities of the highest-qualities. When we reach this goal we place dogs in the right homes, not just any home, but in homes where we know our dogs will thrive and live a full life celebrated each and everyday as they deserve to be.  

Fun Fact – The photo above of Mountain Maggie Moose won an award and was used by L.L. Bean at their flagship store in Freeport Maine, and on thousands of L.L. Bean Gift Cards.

Why we’re different

We stay a family even after our puppies go home

We’re a family first, our dogs are family, they go to work, they live in our home and go where we go. We stay a family even after our puppies go home, our puppy / dog owner community has contact with sibling dogs and dogs from other litters. We do this so our customers can compare notes, share allocates or quirky dog photos & stories. We welcome back dogs when they need a place to visit while their owners are away, and we do our best to offer in-person meetups. Lastly, we’re always there to answer questions and guide our dog owners with advice.

Some breeders focus on producing champions, our focus is to produce healthy, traditional Golden Retrievers. Goldens with the physical characteristics, drive and traits true to the roots of what a Golden was meant to be. Our puppies are smart, athletic and agile and with training will accompany their owners equally at home as they would in competition, hunting, or performing jobs like therapy or search & rescue. For those who desires life in outdoors camping, hiking, etc. our dogs make amazing adventure companions. For those who want a modern family dog who’s a bundle of energy to spoil and who will always be the life of the party, our dogs can easily do that too. Those who own a Moose Golden Retriever purchase with the confidence their dog can grow and learn to do whatever they desire, and that with time, love, and patience pretty much anything is obtainable.

Why we breed

There is nothing like a Golden Retriever. The life-long companionship of a Golden Retriever has more benefits than can be listed here, they bring families together, they inspire adventure, they’re eager to please, they’re hard workers, they have an unmatched disposition, and they offer genuine compassion accompanied by unconditional love. Their feathery coats and their infectious smiles spread joy to all who encounter them. Our family has been fortunate enough to experience the benefits of living with Golden Retrievers for over 25 years, we’ve also learned that as rewarding as it is to share your home with a Golden Retriever, introducing new people to the breed, sharing our knowledge, and expanding our family of dogs & puppies with others give us an entirely new level of appreciation and gratitude. Sharing the charisma of a Golden Retriever and the happiness they bring to all is why we breed.

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