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2023 Litter Status – Golden Retriever Puppies

Gold Fever

Mother nature has made a decision that spring is not the right time, in other words, our litter, aka GOLD FEVER, will not be happening for May 2023.

We’ve been a bit skeptical over the past few weeks, usually a pregnancy is obvious, this time it was different.

We know exactly why, Maggie was bred too late in her March heat, and X-rays today verified what we already thought could be the case. Maggie is not pregnant and we will not be having GOLD FEVER in May.

We understand this may not be the news folks on our list wanted to hear, we’re apologize, but things go this way sometimes. If you recently completed an application and would like to wait we encourage you to reply here to let us know. We do anticipate the next breeding to take place in August or somewhere near that time. We should have two breedings then, and hopefully two litters with a whole bunch of incredible Moose Goldens puppies.

In the meantime Maggie will be enjoying her spring and summer off to swim, relax, and have fun being the amazing dog she is.

The Wild Ones

Moxie has now passed her cardiac exam and her eye exam in preparation for her first litter. This June we will be X-raying Moxie’s hips and elbows as the final step in her initial per-breeding certifications. We do not foresee any problems, but we won’t know for certain until the X-rays are graded by the OFA. As long as everything goes to plan Moxie X Miles are planned for later this summer, 2023.

Anyone interested in either of these litters is encouraged to use our contact form to sign up for future announcements.