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Moxie Moose – One Last Test

Update – 9/3/2023

We’re happy to announce that we had PennHip done with Moxie and her results were far better than the subjective grading from OFA. Her ortho Dr. also inspected her elbows closely and gave us a clear to breed in his professional opinion, no sign of arthritis, and her PenHipp grading came back .4 and .42. Average from over 26,000 Golden Retrievers is .55 meaning Moxie is better than 50% of other dogs of her breed!

Update – 8/10/2023

Moxie saw an ortho specialist today and we now have a plan do PennHip and a fresh set of films to submit to OFA on Aug. 23rd, 2023. I’m feeling optimistic.

Update – 7/7/2023

We’ve experienced a delay with Moxie’s OFA hips, the first set of films the positioning was not ideal so we are in the process of redoing the x-rays with an orthopedic veterinarian. We may also proceed with a second hip evaluation call PennHip. For now we’ve delayed our hopeful litter, The Wild Ones, to spring / summer of 2024. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Original Post – 6/1/2023

Our Moxie is scheduled to have her final pre-breeding OFA exam next week on June 8th 2023. This screening will be an x-ray of her hips and elbows which looks for any signs of Hip Displaysia. Screenings for Hip Dysplasia are performed by a veterinarian with x-rays sent to OFA for grading and certification. If you’d like to learn more about the grading process visit the OFA website.

Golden Retrievers are at an elevated risk for Canine Hip Dysplasia, this typically develops because of an abnormally developed hip joint, but can also be caused by cartilage damage from a traumatic fracture. With cartilage damage or a hip joint that isn’t formed properly, over time the existing cartilage will lose its thickness and elasticity. This breakdown of the cartilage will eventually result in pain with any joint movement.

Moxie is from a proven bloodline with a long history of Excellent & Good hips, while we absolutely must run this screening, the odds are in her favor that she’ll have good results.

Our fingers are crossed.