Puppy Application


Stephen & Megan T.

Dogs Name: Penny Litter: Autumn Reds
"Penny is such a good girl and we are so incredibly lucky to have her."

UPDATE: I’ve been meaning to reach out for a long time, we had our baby girl in July and it’s been busy to day the least. But have no fear, Penny Lane has been amazing with her new sister and we are making sure to give her lots and lots of extra love to ensure she isn’t too jealous of our new arrival. We are still heartbroken for your loss of Mocha, Penny as she really is a spitting image of her mother.

Penny is such a good girl and we are so incredibly lucky to have her. She’s been an incredible big sister and truly is a perfect dog. She’s so gentle and kind with anyone and anything that crosses her path. She has never once snapped, growled or gotten angry at anything. She just wants to PLAY all the time haha.

Week 1 in the books! She has been wonderful! We’ve been able to socialize her with little kids (1.5, 2.5, 3.5 & 5.5) year olds as well as a senior adult. She’s been wonderful around all.

She is fully “poop” trained and truly only had 2 accidents inside. We are working on potty training and that’s coming along nicely. She understands outside is the spot, it’s really on us when she doesn’t make it there. She’s been eating her food as well with no issues.

She also has the itch for fetch! We’ve been practicing her retrieval and I’ve been quite impressed. She has “sit” down pat and has stayed away from chewing items besides her toys! Thank you again for the opportunity to have this little one. She’s wonderful!

Gina & Vic D.

Dogs Name: Dino Litter: Autumn Reds
"We chose a breeder that cares as much as we do."

We’ve been dreaming of getting a golden as long as we can remember. So when we were finally in a position to do so, our biggest concern was making sure we chose a breeder that cares as much as we do. Save yourself the endless research (that we did) and rest assured that you’ve finally found the perfect breeder to get your golden from. Mike and his family are dedicated to breeding responsibly, providing transparency, and welcoming you into their Moose community. They ensure every single step of getting you your perfect pup is seamless and thoughtful. Mike puts so much energy and time into getting to know you and your needs. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have our Dino as part of our family and the Moose Goldens family. Knowing you want a golden is one thing (easy, they’re the best!), but knowing where to go for your pup is a whole other ball game. Huge thank you to Mike and Moose Goldens for being the best around! Dino is our heart and soul and we couldn’t imagine our life without him!

Jen & Jim M.

Dogs Name: Sansa Litter: Adventure Awaits
"We love being a part of the Moose Goldens family!"

Sansa “Queen of the North” Moose, came into our lives when we needed her the most. She helped us and our other golden heal from the loss of our loyal companion. She is the perfect mix of playful, smart and loving. Right when we talked to Mike and Tracy you can see how much they love their dogs. We cannot thank them enough for the opportunity to call her ours. We love being a part of the Moose Goldens family!

John and Colleen H.

Dogs Name: Stewart Litter: Adventure Awaits
"Stewart is one of the smartest dogs I've ever owned..."

Stewart is our third golden, and has been the easiest dog to work with, as well as Moose Goldens being the easiest breeder to work with. This is a family operation, and you’re treated like a member when you join the Moose family. Your puppies parents and siblings are all around, and it’s not hard to find and talk with other owners and see how their Moose puppies have developed. Mike and Tracy are very generous with prospective owners to let them see and interact with the pups, and do a great job interviewing and matching the right pup to the right owner. They’re always there to honestly answer questions before and after the pickup.

Stewart has been a great addition to our family, he is one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever owned, has had zero health issues so far, and just loves to hike and explore. He could easily be trained in Search and Rescue, Therapy, or Agility, but for now he’s just a great companion family member.

Kelli S.

Dogs Name: Silver Maple Moose Litter: Second to None
"She is perfect! Will never be able to thank you enough for her!"

She’s simply everything I could have ever asked for and so so so much more. She is so kind, gentle, sweet and super loving. Shes such a little adventurer, so fun and playful. She’s so snuggly and she and Obie just love each other. She has become a really good listener (she’s actually better than Obie), always comes when she’s called, finally totally 100% potty trained (honestly, that happened right after she was with you guys at the end of June). Anyway, she’s perfect! Will never be able to thank you enough for her!!!!

Evan & Lindsey

Dogs Name: Emma Litter: Second to None
"One of the best decisions of our lives!"

The addition of Emma into our family was one of the best decisions of our lives! Mike and his family were very accommodating and their love for Moose Goldens is a wonderful sight to see. The Facebook group, pictures, videos and the group meet-ups are a great example of the passion and dedication Mike has for the Moose Goldens. Mike was great to work with while getting our new puppy Emma. She is a beautiful dog that has brought so much joy into our lives! We highly recommend Mike and Moose Goldens to anyone looking to add an amazing breed of dogs to their family. Thank you, Mike and Tracy for our best friend and dog, Emma!!

Jessica H.

Dogs Name: Bo Litter: Second to None
"The best-looking goldens we’ve ever seen!"

I couldn’t be happier we found Moose goldens. We were searching high and low during the pandemic to add a Golden to our family and found the moose Golden’s page and fell in love. Mike was very responsive when we initially reached out & gave us a very realistic time frame of when they might be expecting another litter.  Mike kept in touch throughout Maggie’s pregnancy and was constantly posting on social media which was such a fun way to stay in the loop. Especially when the puppies were born! We picked up Bo in April and we couldn’t be happier. It’s hard to remember life without him! I know I might sound biased but he is truly one of the best-looking goldens we’ve ever seen, and we get this comment often (even from his vet). He has such a wonderful temperament and makes us so happy  Mike and Tracy were professional and ethical in every aspect of raising the pups and we felt so good bringing him home knowing the upbringing he had & the good genes he comes from! 10/10 recommend moose goldens – you will be so happy you did!

Rachael B.

Dogs Name: Blue Litter: Dreams Do Come True
"100% Recommended"

We had such a great experience with Mike and his family when going through the process of getting Blue! We were always updated and it was awesome to stay updated with pictures through social media! When we first met Blue he was only 2 weeks old and his eyes were just barely opening, so cute! And when we came to pick him up we instantly fell more in love with him! We had a three-and-a-half-hour ride home and Blue slept the whole time without whining once, at only 8 weeks old, that’s when we knew he was going to be such an amazing dog. Blue has made me and my boyfriend so happy we can’t imagine life without him. Blue is crate trained and it couldn’t have been any easier, he is such an easy learner and he makes everyone he meets so happy! Blue goes everywhere with us and is such an easy-going and calm-mannered puppy! So far we haven’t had any health issues or emergencies with him! I would 100% recommended a moose golden retriever as I feel all of his siblings are just as great as Blue, and even his parents!! Marty and Maggie are awesome!

Maria & Chad S.

Dogs Name: Rookie Litter: Dreams Do Come True
"Obsession is an understatement!"

Rookie has been the best thing that has happened to us. We are so thankful or meeting you guys and having our baby girl. We are obsessed with her, obsession is an understatement! And she’s our boys best friend!

Brianne W.

Dogs Name: Hudson Litter: Second to None
"We feel blessed to be considered part of the Moose family."

We found the perfect addition to our family with Moose Goldens. Mike made the process so personal and you could tell from the beginning how much he cared for his dogs and finding the right homes for them. We feel blessed to be considered part of the Moose family now. Our dog is so sweet, cuddly, and has a passion to explore! We are excited for all of the adventures and memories we will make together and love that we can share and grow together with the other Moose Golden Owners and Mike and his family. We really couldn’t recommend Moose Goldens enough!

Pam & Greg C.

Dogs Name: Maple Litter: Dreams Do Come True
"Maple has our hearts. We love him."

Maple has our hearts. We love him. What makes the experience even that much more special is the gratitude we feel towards the Hosier family. Every time I look into that cute puppy’s face, there is nothing but good memories that started from the day we knew Mike was going to trust us with one of his puppies.

Jill M.

Dogs Name: Waffles Litter: Second to None
"We are so happy to have her in our lives!"

Mike and his family were easy to work with and accommodating throughout the whole process. He was flexible with visits, pickup, and always available for questions. Most importantly, he shares lots of photos! The puppies he raises are very much a part of his family before they leave to join yours. Not only is our golden adorable, but she is also a smart, healthy, and loving dog. We are so grateful to Mike for giving us a beautiful dog to share our lives with.

Mataiah W.

Dogs Name: Kash Litter: Dreams Do Come True
"Best puppy I have ever had!"

I have always had goldens with my family and I can say that this is by far the easiest and best puppy I have ever had! They are the smartest goldens I have ever met! Kash is always striving to please us and picks up new tricks easier than I could have ever imagined. Mike and his family were always willing to accommodate us when we wanted to stop and see him when he was first born. He was very adamant about keeping us all up to date with pictures and videos through his social media which made the wait so much more exciting! Overall I would recommend these puppies to anyone who wanted a new best friend or the best dog in the world!

Jessica D.

Dogs Name: Leo Litter: Second to None
"We are more than pleased with our experience!"

Our family’s preferred breed of choice has always been Golden Retrievers. As a little girl, I grew up visiting my grandparents and their Golden, Zach. I have such fond memories of Zach and he held such a special place in my heart, I knew as an adult I would have a Golden one day for my family. About 4 years ago we welcomed home our Golden Retriever, Lola!  Lola is such a joy, so incredibly smart, and forever loyal! We knew immediately we wanted another one for our family.

We heard about Moose Goldens from our local dog park. I immediately contacted Mike when I saw a picture of his pups and he was incredibly responsive! Anytime I had a question, Mike responded to my inquiries promptly. I also enjoyed following the puppies’ journey on Instagram from birth until it was time to go to their forever homes. We welcomed our sweet boy Leo home on April 1st. Leo is such a love bug and you can tell he was loved dearly before we took him home! We are more than pleased with our experience! Thank you Mike and Tracy for our sweet boy, Leo!

Jessica M.

Dogs Name: Stella Litter: Dreams Do Come True
"Sweet-tempered and well-adjusted puppies."
This was our first experience with Golden Retriever but I doubt it will be our last. Mike was great to work with from start to finish. We were able to visit several times to spend time with our puppy and meet her parents. We were also able to watch the puppies grow on social media which made us feel involved from day one!
It was abundantly clear that they were being raised with love which translated into such sweet-tempered and well-adjusted puppies. Stella is the most loveable and friendly dog I have ever had and I would highly recommend Mike and Moose Goldens to anyone looking for a new furry friend!

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